Because human adventure continues and listening and sharing have always been our values!
Because innovation, challenge and the desire to go further have always been our theme!
The Durieu Group is once again a pioneer and proposes to team up with you!
Research and development are not only for laboratory workers with test pieces  in hand ...
Certainly ! But, not only ... That's why we created the Lab'Owatrol!

In the Durieu Group, the key words are: YOU and WE ...!
You ... your experience, your needs, your testimonals, your ideas ...
We ... our experience, know-how, expertise.
You like to talk about products you have experienced, projects you have realised and you want to share tips, give advice, you have a great idea and you do not know how to make it happen?
Lab'Owatrol puts at your disposal this space to exchange and realise the research with you!


An integrated laboratory (Rieu Technology), a select team of researchers and state-of-the-art tools. A constant research and development.

About Owatrol

The Durieu Group is mostly a family venture, but has been able to develop products that respond to a specific market: wood protection.


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Share my experience! Yes... but what else ? Lab'Owatrol puts you in the spotlight! You will now be part of the privileged circle of Owatrol!

The Durieu Group gives itself the means and anticipates the future.

The Durieu Group opts not only for a 100% French production, but is also focusing on the development of ever more efficient products!
The Durieu Group gives itself the means and anticipates the future. With such assets and new projects in constant development, the results are highly satisfactory.

As the company develops, an enhancement of its range confirms the Durieu Group's reputation today as the unavoidable adviser in the protection of wood and metals.

If we are online we will answer immediately if not leave us a message and we will answer as soon as possible.

  • Exchange with our specialists on technical issues.
  • Participate in workshops specially organised for you and facilitated by pros.
  • Be one of the happy guests at the heart of a Luc1 Motorsport Honda Team race, including Sylvain Bidart, which the Durieu Group has been supporting for several years!
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Total restoration of an old pick-up

After the big job of cleaning, stripping and filling I began the steps of restoring my old pick-up. To block the existing rust and prevent its development I use Owatrol Oil. It works very well and have used it for years.


Deco and protection of my wooden chalet

I live in the assembly and I did not want to leave my new cottage unprotected. Last summer I opted for Solid Color Stain (Owatrol) because the store's salesperson explained to me that it was the best protection even over a wide temperature variation. The result is great.


My bumper has regained a perfect shine and shade!

POLYTROL allowed me to get my bumper back to its original shade and radiance! An absolutely brilliant transformation without too much effort, the product and a brush being the only tools required. Really satisfied with this discovery :)


My old Lancia Flavia thanks me!

To my despair, corrosion developed under the chassis and the sills, but I found this miraculous solution, I applied the primer Owatrol CIP which halted the development of the rust!


My containers protected for a long time

My shipping company uses containers for the storage of goods. Without them we can not do anything. It requires a highly effective paint to protect them from sea salt and rain. Rustol Déco is the must-have product!


Turn your surfaces into a blackboard!

Very simple to apply, chalkboard paint allows you to paint your surfaces to make a memo, deco, drawing space etc. Practical and very useful! Tip: before applying chalkboard paint, apply magnetic to duplicate the properties!


My beautiful work plan!

I have done my kitchen worktop with OLÉOFLOOR CLASSIC which gives a nice satin matt finish. It is very easy and fast to apply and the daily cleaning even more simple.


Tired of my closet

I wanted something other than white on my closet. Since it was smooth, I applied ESP before my new colour so that it would stick perfectly. Then I applied my new hue. It's too easy.


I gave a boost to my boat

I own a boat, which belonged to my father (sentimental value). I decided to give it a second life with 2 effective products: the saturator D1 and the marine varnish D2 from the Owatrol brand. I highly recommend them!


Degrease your wood quickly and effortlessly!

To clean and restore your exterior woods, use Net-trol, fast acting and efficiency guaranteed! Tip: Also use on cement, stones, plastic ... and as a neutraliser after Aquanett or Dilunett.


My surfboard has become like new!

Thanks to OWABLACK, I managed to clean my surfboard of wax in just 5min with a simple cloth and without damaging or deteriorating the board. Really pleased with this product and made my it look like new!


A youthful blow for garden coffee table!

My garden coffee table was dull and dirty, after cleaning it with the Dilunett and Net-trol to restore its original appearance, I was able to modernize it by applying RA.85 and give it an alu appearance and Beautiful effect!